lørdag 28. april 2007

Wonderful Copenhagen

Earlier this month my sister and I went to Copenhagen. Living in Oslo, going there is the simplest thing in the world; you just take the tube down town and walk on to the ship - recommendable.

My gorgeous sister and me......

The trip is a mini cruise; the boat leaves at 5 in the afternoon and arrives in Copenhagen the next morning at 9. You then have 7 hours to spend on shore, after which the boat departs for Oslo at 5 in the afternoon again. We had lovely weather and ended up in a part of Copenhagen called " Nyhavn". Rows of restaurants at the canal waterfront, so we had lunch....

Denmark is famous for its hospitality and design. Shopping is a "must" when visiting Copenhagen, and this time we managed not to spend a fortune as the sun was too bright to stay inside.

We had a lovely time on this trip, as much to do with the good weather, as to tasty food and beverages. To get away from everyday life once in a while is a real energy booster. B-)


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