onsdag 9. mai 2007

Pillow Talk

Well, here we are again, and a whole week has gone by. Time really does fly...

In February I came to the decision that my mother needed new cushions for the living room. I was quite pleased with the result... More importantly, she liked them a lot...

Little did I know that this would put me into a pillow frenzy. For the last couple of months , every time I see a fabric or something else I like, I immediately think "I can turn that into a pillow.. "

This last weekend I finished up 3 pillows and began on an another 2. Am not quite sure what to do with them all, but never mind... I'm having fun right now... Let's not worry about tomorrow....

The pattern for this pillow, of which I'm making two, I have borrowed from Laura Ashley. I turned it into Girlpirates - there are too many princesses in this world....

3 kommentarer:

  1. love the girl pirate pillow I agree there are too many princesses LOL
    welcome to blogland
    from another newby

  2. Your pillows looks great! I love the one with the lamp :o)

  3. Girl pirates is perfect. Nice turn of the pattern.


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