torsdag 3. mai 2007

Sunny sewing

It's that time of year, when everything comes to life - again. So I had to do a little gardening....(May 1 - garden day). Well, I don't have a garden just a 6 yard long flowerbed. Trust me, that is all the garden I can handle. I have a perfect record when it comes to killing plants.... This year my youngest found it best to assist. She has a much greater talent when it comes to digging than I. It probably has something to do with the fact that she's almost three years old and digging is all she does these days - to the extent that we have more sand in our apartment than outside on the playground....

This morning I read Hanne's blog and I got inspired. So when the sun hit the terrasse I brought my sewing machine and stash outside, and sewed in the sun, wonderful. And yes ... I remembered to use sunscreen, spf 20. I don't take any chances, beacause I get lobster red, not tanned. It's a downside of being blonde....

I actually managed to sew a few pieces, when I'm done I'll show them to you. If you have the chance, take the machine outside. Perfect way to enjoy the sun and get some sewing done. Do as Hanne suggested, bring a cup of coffee or a mug of tea, and you're all set.....

This picture is for "the friendliest flower", to keep your spirits up.

2 kommentarer:

  1. How wonderful to sew outside in the sun....enjoy!!!

  2. OOOOHHH! I want to move my machine outside too.


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