mandag 11. juni 2007


Earlier this month (June 4th) Creative Blogs posted a blog by Carole Janson, who makes the most amazing 3D cards and scrapbook pages. After seeing this post I decided that I had to try to make a card like hers. So for my sister's housewarming party I made this one:

And this is the original by Carole Janson, isn't this one just fantastic ???

Almost one year ago I bought some printable fabric. I have a book that contains quilts with pictures, and I was very fascinated by them. As it turned out I never got around to try it myself ...Anyone recognise a state like that??

Lately I had two presents to produce, and so I thought I'd give it a go. In the end I'm quite pleased with the way the gifts turned out.

The first one was for my father-in-law. Instead of giving him yet another picture of his grandchildren I made him this:

The second one I made for my sister and her boyfriend as a housewarming gift. They got a cat a few weeks ago, so I put her on a pillow. The gift was a smashing hit ;o)

So this is what I've been up to lately. Other projects I work on are UFO's. It's time to clean the closet - so to speak ;o) If you'd like to visit someone who are very productive and skilled, go to Quiltoholic, Threadbare, or take a peak at Hanne's quilt corner.

I wish you all a sunny and creative week!!

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  1. Hi! You have been productive (despite the heat) :o) The card is so romantic an home'y - perfect for a housewarming :o) And the pillows look fantastic! What perfect gifts for a proud grandparent and new cat-parents!

    Thank you for the compliment :o) And take care!

  2. Very cool card and lovely cushions Yvonne. Do you know where to apply for more hours to a day. I am in short supply ;-)


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