mandag 4. juni 2007

Eventful Weekend

When the sun arrives, the activity level increases... We had fun this weekend.

Saturday morning my oldest put on her runningshoes and participated in a 1 km run called Peter Pan. It also meant that mum had to join in, running with freinds can turn into a sunday stroll . I felt compelled to get them running when they crossed finnishline, Whitch meant that I also ran the 1km.....This was her first run - everybody is a winner....

The middlepart of the day was used to prepare for the party in the evening, when We had a few freinds over. The girls stayed at their grandparents :o) The evening was wonderful, and the company was great. The sun made it possiblefor us to sit outside until midnight, wonderful.

Sunday morning was very sunny - and slow... In the early afternoon I went to Lappermakeriet for inspiration ... I bought a lot of it ;o)

I can really recomend two books they have in stock:

Both these books are wonderful in colour and prenentation. The keyelement is their intuitive aproach to choose colours. I get the need to do something just by looking at their covers....

This is a picture of Lappemakerite's block of the month, very beautiful. You can choose between several different styles, to accomodate your preferance...

While I was shopping for inspiration the girls went to The Munc -museum with their grandparents, and went Bowling later on.

Wish you all a great and sunny week!!

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  1. Looks like you and your family had a great weekend. I just love Lappemakeriet! It's so cozy and friendly and filled with inspiration :o) It is the one place I have to visit whenever I'm in the area of Bærums Verk. Have lots of fun with the goodies you brought home with you :o)


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