søndag 24. juni 2007

The weekender travel bag

A whole week has gone by. Well, I haven't been lazy.... Still on the UFO path.

I have finished my second one this week. The Amy Butler; Weekender travel bag.

It was fun to make, but I found that the lining was a bit tricky to fit. I'm quite pleased, in fact I'm wondering if I should make another one........

I didn't use fabric from Amy - this time. I needed it to give a calming feeling. And at the time I couldn't get that from any of the fabric I had to choose between.....

I even finished two pillows I began in May. I'm not quite sure if I can call them UFO's. They haven't been around that long, and I meant to finish them by summer, which I have.

I put on some stitchery, the girls' names and their occupation: Girl pirate.

When does a quilt become an UFO ??? Is there a timeline it has to pass to be granted the title??? I wonder.....

This week I will concentrate on preparing for my summer project. Later in the week I'm going on summer camp.....Karate Camp .....Leaving my husband ande the children to their own.... Knowing him, they will manage just fine!!!

Have a wonderful and eventful week. See you at the other end...... Hopefully not too bruised....

Sunshine and lots of love to you all.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your bag looks gorgeous Yvonne. Have fun at your camp.

  2. The bag is really pretty! Congratulations on finishing it! And I'm sure the girls will be thrilled about the pillows - they are adorable :o) Have lots of fun at carate camp!

  3. Hei, jammen var det mye inspirasjon å hente i bloggen din :) Har sittet en god stund og koset meg med å bla gjennom den. Likte spesielt godt weekend bag fra Amy Butler, så nå har jeg også bestilt meg mønsteret :)
    Lykke til med andre håndarbeidsprosjekt!


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