fredag 13. juli 2007

Kathrines Quilte Stue

Kathrines Quilte Stue ( Quilt cabin) is a friendly shop located in the city of Oslo, directly behind the Royal castle. So if you ever visit Oslo....visit this shop - it's truly unique and welcoming.

Kathrine established her buisness in her father's garage. For years this was where the shop was located. She then moved it to Tønsberg, and in 2004 she relocated the shop permanently to Oslo, for which we are truly grateful.

The shop is light and airy. You are always greeted with a smile and a "Welcome, can I help you". The shop has a large number of regular customers. It's a natural part of our environment, so if we're ever in the neighbourhood it feels awkward not to stop by and say hello.

The shop holds some 3000 bolts of fabric. They carry designers like Amy Butler and Heather Baily, numerous of Japanese and a broad variety in standard bolts. There are always a number of different fatquarter bundles to be purchased. From small ones containing about 10 fatquarters up to the ones with 24 in them.

The possibilities are many at this shop. In spring and autumn they have numerous workshops to attend. The teachers are well recognized for their craft, and they bring a great variety to the trade. It's always with a tingling sensation I read the new workshop catalogue.
The workshops have been about:
#Basic techniques for the new quilter
#Traditional patchwork, by hand or by machine
#Shabby chic and vintage interior designs
#Transferels of picures on to fabrick in use for pillows and purses
# New ways to see colours and use them with traditional blocks
#Stitcheries (Block of the month)
# Amy Butler patterns and fabricks

Stitchery is something that layes close to heart. This quilt (above) is called A gift of friendship, and it contains classic piecing, stitchery and appliqué. It is absolutely adorable.

They also have a new Block-of the- month quilt, called "Polka-Dot Girls". It's a fun project to do. This, as previous block of the month quilts, combine traditional patchwork and stitchery. It has shown to be very popular among the customers..

They also carry pre-made fabric packages with patterns. On display in the shop at the moment is the beautiful: "Remember When...."

They know how to keep their customers happy and inspired. The displays are always fresh and tempting. It's not possible to walk out with at least a bundle and some tread. They also have a large quantity of patterns and books to tempt you with....

Kathrine, the shop owner, is always on the lookout for new designers and products. She travels to the US twice a year to visit the fairs from which she purchases exciting stuff to bring home.

You can contact the shop :
By phone: +47 23270940,
or simply visit it at: Riddervoldsgate 10, 0258 Oslo

I hope you all enjoyed this visit. Have a wonderful weekend.... :O)

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  1. this is just gorgeous.......wish in could just come over and call in........just the air fare that I can't afford.........and my friend made the "remember when" quilt last year and it is so pretty.......thankyou forsharing the shop with us........

  2. så herlig blogg du har,det har vært en glede å beundre den.

    neste gang jeg er i oslo så må jeg bare besøke denne butikken,så utrolig masse flotte mønster det var på stoffene:)

  3. Så flott blogg du har! Jeg er glad du var innom hos meg, ellers hadde jeg aldri funnet din. :) nydelige stoffer i den butikken. Har hun nettbutikk også?

  4. Oh wow!!! this shop is just so gorgeous!!! id love to spend some time wandering around in there....she has done a magnificent job and im sure there is loads of inspiration everywhere!!! Even in the photos, it seems to have a real relaxed feel!!! thnx for sharing!!!

  5. Takk for hilsen i bloggen min. Denne butikken har jeg hørt om,men dessverre ikke vært der - enda . slumreteppet ditt var fint, Amy har så flotte stoff syns jeg.

  6. Åh ja, Kathrines quiltestue er en av mine favoritter for å handle stoff. Alltid masse lekkert å få kjøpt og masse idér å hente (om maaange fristelser...) Pleier å stikke innom hver gang jeg er i Oslo (har tenkt meg en tur imorgen...)

  7. Kjempefine bilete frå Kathrines quiltestue! Er du ein ven av henne? Prøv å overtale henne til å starte nettbutikk!
    Fin blogg du har!

  8. Kjempe fin og innholdsrik blogg du har. Koselig du var innom meg også:) Velkommen tilbake. Klem

  9. Thanks so much for visiting, & popping my my blog! I love all your photos & creations- I'll be back!

  10. That was a beautiful shop! I love your site, I am in awe of nature too. The bread roll, I could almost smell them. Nita from red tin heart

  11. Tusen takk for koselig kommentar på bloggen min! Jeg måtte jo straks besøke siden din også.Synes du har en kjempetrivelig og inspirerende blogg! Vi skal til Oslo neste helg, så i går satt jeg og lette her på nettet for å finne ut hvor Kathrines Quiltestue lå. Har hørt om den butikken før og har så lyst til å besøke den. Da var det jo ekstra artig at du hadde et innlegg om akkurat denne butikken på bloggen din! MÅ bare innom den butikken, ser jeg! Takk for at du viste meg rundt i butikken!

  12. this shop looks wonderful... one of the kind you want to browse a whole day and then you want to sleep in there, cuddling the fabrics and browsing the "inspirational corner".
    you've made beautiful pictures!
    if i ever come to oslo, this will be a place to visit.

  13. Hei
    For en fantastisk flott nettsted og blogg. Dette var virkelig spennende. Ser også at du har nettbutikk. Skal stikke innom der senere. Jeg legger dette stedet i min favoritter slik at jeg kan komme tilbake senere igjen, på mørke høst/vinterkvelder.

    Ellers vil jeg anbefale en liten norsk nettbutikk som heter

    Der finner du de mest underlige lamper. Og så vil jeg anbefale et galleri som heter

    Det finnes så mange flotte steder på nettet, det blir bare mer og mer å velge mellom.

    Takk takk for titten her.


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