torsdag 2. august 2007

A bit of everything.....

One of the few sunsets this season, the boat belongs to my in-laws...

This has been a strange summer...... Nothing like the summer I expected; long days in the sun, taking the girls to the park, ice cream, sewing when the girls were playing, going to the mountains, go camping - just spending time together..... We did spend time together - way too much of it...... Is it possible to get a Disney overdose???

I have managed to get a little sewing done, but it has been slow.... These are the three first blocks of my summer project. I'm almost finished with the fourth also... ;-D This is English paperpiecing, so it's learning by doing - man, I'm learning these days!!!

My handsewing in detail.... as I said learning by doing.... I really enjoy sitting with it, but my attention has been very divided. There has been birthdays to bake for and cardmaking for a friend...

My three year old wanted a chocolate bear cake, so I made one. It was a big hit with the other children at the birthday party as well. My friend had her birhday early in July, so I made her a card to go with her gifts.... Proud to announce that I have recruited another member for the quilting community. She got a bundle of fabric, and has already made a table runner and want to do some paperpiecing after seeing my summer project - fun, fun, fun!!

This is a domestic project I finshed today. The fabric was too stiff to be used as a towel alone, so I lined it with thin towel fabric, very pleased with it. The mitten for barbecuing was a bit tricky, but I managed :O) I really enjoy the fabric, the pattern is wonderful, the red and white gives a calm soothing feeling.

Our three year old needs a new bed, and this is an old bed we were given some years ago from a childless neighbour. It will fit her perfectly, she can climb into bed herself, that will put a smile on her face :O) The blanket in the bed is one of my UFO's. I will finish as soon as possible and make it for her. There has to bee some child elements on it, her favourite is Winnie the Pooh. So a bit of application and stitchery will do wonders.....

These are interior details from my sister's house...... My sister is rather busy in the interior department and I enjoy her style. Love this tin platter with all the different candle holders..... The chandelier is beautiful, and with the wallpaper it really makes the room. Me, on the other hand, I clean up after my children and if it is tidy for a while, I read magazines on the matter and dream of living in a New England styled house....

So until next time, enjoy!!! :-D

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  1. Er handsyinga ein bom frå Lappemakeriet? Eg er såå freista til å melde meg på! Flott...

  2. Love it all......that's why you are my feature today! I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a few photos. :)

    Don't forget to mention your feature on your blog! :)

  3. You have a delightful blog and I am looking forward to my next visit.

  4. Ur blocks look lovely, great job with the paper piecing!!! That chocolate cakes looks fantastic, almost too good to eat....almost lol

  5. Ohh, those blocks look so great! The colours are so soft and lovely, and I just love Lemoyne Stars!!! You are doing a fab job on the english paper piecing!

    The cake is soo cute :o) Perfect for a little girl's birthday party! Card is really pretty, great job! And the towel and mitten is perfect for a barbecue - and hopefully we get weather for a barbie :o)

    Have fun redecorating the bed for your daughter :o) Take care! Hugs...

  6. Så koselig å se at du hadde innlegg på bloggen din igjen! Nydelige stjerneblokker. Og så håndsøm da! Det blir jeg alltid så imponert over. Kjøkkenhåndkleet og grillvotten var også veldig fine. Likte så godt stoffet du har brukt!
    Artig å se den fine senga dere har fått. Foreldrene mine har også en slik seng som bestefaren min har laget. Nå er det minstemann hos oss som sover i den når vi er der på ferie. Gleder med til å se hvordan lappeteppet til senga blir!
    Ha en superfin helg!


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