fredag 3. august 2007

Champagne and flowers.....

Today an amazing thing happend:

I am featured on Kim's blog - Creative Blogs.

How wonderful is that!!!!

She is so kind, and says the most fabulous things. Thank you Kim!!

Next I would like to thank my husband for supporting me, feeding me and taking care of our two kids.

I wish to thank my sister, for her creative attitude and inspirational spirit.

To mum and dad, for letting me play with scissors, yarn and fabric.

To my mother in-law, who sewed her own national costume, which lead to me sewing mine.

To Kathrines Quiltestue, for providing a fabric addiction , inspiration and work shops

And last but not least to everyone who reads my blog and comments on my work and writing,

thank you, thank you, thank you

If anyone feel left out, please leave a comment....... ;-D

8 kommentarer:

  1. I read Kims feature and it was lovely, u must be really excited. She is right, u r very talented and u make beautiful things!!!! Well done, its a great honour.

  2. happy to find you through the creative blogs post! happy weekend.

  3. You deserve to be featured. I could never do what you do.

  4. Heisann. Har ikke vært på besøk hos deg før.
    Gratulerer med anerkjennelsen fra Kim. Helt enig med henne,veldig koselig og kreativ blogg!! Kommer gjerne tilbake hit igjen!! :D

  5. i found your link on Creative Blogs! Love the pirate ship pillows that were showcased..very nice!

  6. Congratualtions.
    Suzie Sews
    Love the Mum would so not let me play with sissors!!!

  7. Hello! My first visit here! You have a terrific blog, and make wonderful things! Your acceptance speech was marvelous! ;o) I'm an American living in Norway, used to live in Oslo, but now in Horten. I look forward to retutning here to read more. Happy Day! :o)

  8. Heisann. Har nominert deg i bloggen min. Ha en fin dag :D


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