tirsdag 28. august 2007


Hello - anybody there???

The week before this, was a foggy one - somehow I managed to catch a cold....... and we all know what that means...... no brainfunction, a sore throat, running nose, the head feels like a balloon..... Well, I'm all better now :o)

Let's talk about something more fun......

In June I made this Roman blind in Marimekko fabric, for some friends of mine. I resently got some pictures of it, so I thought I'd show them to you.

I'm very pleased with it, thankfully so are my friends ;-D . This really gave their kitchen that finishing touch...

I always find it challenging to sew the dowel-pockets that runs broadwise- straight... It looks like I managed just fine....... :O)

I've made these two wedding cards, I was asked to make them for a friend of a friend......

So what else have I been up to???

I have started on the Hundred Acre Woods blanket for my three year old.... here's a sneak peek...

All the drawings are now replaced by appliquéd versions of the residents ....... I hope she likes it, you never know in that age, and they are quite frank about it too...lol... I'll show you the rest when its finshed
Wish you all a wonderful week!!!!!

12 kommentarer:

  1. truly beautiful blinds, and i really like the matching placemats you obviously made, too!

    the blanket will be a hit, i'm sure. don't miss to show the finished outcome!

  2. Wonderful blinds, I think I couldn´t sew something like that. Great. And the blanket is wonderful, would like to see it finished.

  3. Yep, am here! *lol* The blinds look great, and so does the cards! And I'm looking forward to see how the 100 acres wood quilt turnes out, I'm sure it will be a success with the 3 year old :o)

  4. The curtains are wery nice !! This fabric is a good choice !!
    And the quilt is so sweet !!!

  5. Så flott marimekko-liftgardin! Fin farge på den. Takk for tips om bloggen til Chatrines quiltestue.

  6. Du har jo sydd en kjempefin liftgardin! Jeg har prøvd meg på lignenede kun en gang, og vet godt hvor krevende det kan være å få løpegangene og snorene rett. Men du har gjort en utmerket jobb altså. Spennende prosjekt du også har med det teppet til datteren din. Gleder meg til å se det ferdig. Og så godt å høre at du har blitt frisk igjen.

  7. Så godt å høre at du føler deg bedre. De lift gardinene var stilige. Ole Brum teppe ser og spennende ut, gleder meg til å se det ferdige resultatet!
    Ta godt vare på deg selv!! :D

  8. Kjempefin liftgardin! Og så Marimekko-stoff som er så flott!
    Gleder meg til å se Ole Brumm-teppet ferdig. Blir helt sikkert nydelig. Du er jo så flink!

  9. Glad to hear ur feeling better, the flu is nasty!! I love the 100 acre quilt, im sure she will love it too and those cards r so lovely!!!

  10. Glad you're feeling better! I just got a cold now myself...so I do sympathize. But how busy you've been. That Roman blind/shade is wonderful. You make great cards. Paper crafting it such fun. And the Winne-the-Pooh and pals blanket is adorable--lovely colors! Cant' wait to see it finished. Happy Days :o)

  11. What a nice friend you are! How lucky to have someone make such a lovely shade for your kitchen!

  12. Hei hei.
    Så koseleg blogg du har.
    Knalltøff liftgardin du har sydd. Marimekko har så tøffe stoff:)
    Ole Brum teppet vert skikkeleg koseleg.
    Ha ein fin kveld.


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