tirsdag 14. august 2007

Where I create.......

This used to be my "playground"...... my creative space. It's a corner in our bedroom and all my stash was stored around in different drawers and closets. It never felt like a sewing space or a calm bedroom, so I decided to take action.... (we all know that means - sweet hubby got a bit construction work to do....)

This last week has been spent moving everything out of their place into boxes and stashed in our livingroom ..... Then putting large IKEA closets together.... They are a bit difficult to manouevre when you only got half an inch to the ceiling from the top of the closet.

So, this is what the same corner looks like now, and the other end, is our sleeping area. The whole room is a lot more tranquil and no more fabricpices all around..... And that is basically it....

Of course, I'll show you the inside .......

My new sewing space is inside a 100 cm wide closet. Under the shelf were my sewing machine is, I've used a slim drawer for my cutting mats, rulers, pins and everything else I need within easy reach... My stool is very comfortable, and best of all, I can put it under the working space when I'm finished and just close the doors......

These are my new organized stashkeepers, two 50 cm wide closets with shelfs and drawers, on either side on the workingspace, and three shelves over the workingspace as well.

I have papered the backwall of my sewing space, with wallpaper from Laura Ashley. I'm quite pleased with the result. I get to have a romantic theme without bothering anyone....
This working area is a bit more secluded than before, on the other hand, everything looks tidy and there is a place for everything......

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  1. What a fantastic transformation! Your work space is pretty and organized. The floral wallpaper adds that "little extra"...You'll have even more fun playing now in your lovely new space--enjoy! Happy Day! :o)

  2. Hi Butterfly!

    I found you via Pink Purl. What an organized workspace. How lovely to have somewhere dedicated to sewing...I usually end up on the dining table!

    I've enjoyed my visit and wondered whether you go sailing often? We have a boat, although it is not in the water this summer and we really miss it.

    Marie x

  3. Kjempesmart!! Sy-kroken din ble allertiders...det er bra en har Ikea,ikke sant!! Jeg er så heldig og har mitt eget lille syrom. Men før det, satt jeg enten på kjøkkenet eller i stuen.
    Ha en fin dag!!

  4. what a beautiful workspace!
    i'm just discovering your blog and i really like your style.
    surely i'll check back :)

  5. I just found your blog, what a wonderful new sewing space. Love the wallpaper. You have the same sewing machine as me, how do you like it?

  6. Wouahhh !! this is a great idea !!! I would love to have a sewing space like yours !! it seems that we will see some more lovely stuffs here ;)


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