lørdag 15. september 2007

My favourite season....

Autumn is my favourite season!
The fresh and cool air in the morning, when the sun peaks through the treetops and makes the sky look crispy blue. To me, autumn is as much a feeling and a state of mind as it is the third seeason of the year.

The thing that I love about autumn is that it's both an end and a beginning at the same time....

It's the end of summer, but it's not only a transition, it has its own temperament and strength. The thing is that it sums the whole year up into one season!! The beginnings I'm talking about are school and the life in general resuming after a loooooong break during summer. Autumn brings: New clothes, new friendships, new possibilities. The feeling of purchasing new pencils and opening new books - glorious!!!

The days shift rapidly during this season; one day is sunny and fresh, the next is moist and foggy.Those are the days when going out gives you the ulitimate experince. The fog is like a veil through the trees, the air is feelig slightly colder. You can smell the lit fireplaces, and given the day, the rain can blow in all directions causing leafs to whirl around you as you take a walk. The daylight is loosing its place as darkness takes over and nights are instanly getting longer.

As the day gets shorter, the temprature drops, the trees lose their leaves and nature is preparing for an extended sleep, winter comes crawling - almost unnoticed....The days are turning into gray, shades of white yellow and pink - frost covers the ground and makes everything quiet and still. Then one morning - winter arrives, and the silence is complete.....

While speaking of autumn - and I always associate Pooh with autumn, trees faling down becuase of the wind, Piglet flying as a kite, and Owl drinking tea while his house is crumbling - I haven't been able to finish the Winnie the Pooh quilt yet...... where did the time go..... I'm sure, though, that I'm getting there..... I have a very impatient 3 year old!! I only have the quilting and bindig part left.... Here is a little preview

Wish you all a fabulous weekend!!!!

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  1. Så koselig å se bilde av deg og familien i innlegget under. :)

    Virkelig fine og stemningsfulle høstbilder du har tatt. Alltid fint å se slike ting.

    Ole Brum-teppet blir så flott! Herlige stoffer og kombinasjoner. Liker de små broderte tingene, og skrifta innimellom.

  2. Your images and words of autumn are both beautiful and comforting! I grieve the loss of summer skys however you allow me to see the Joy in autumns skies..Thankyou for this and for your greeting on my celebration!
    I have butterflies to show you today and in future posts..you must see..I was in heaven!

    A true pleasure to meet a real live
    ~butterfly!~ hugs NG

  3. Så fint innlegg! Så fint å få lese om dine tanker omkring høsten. Jeg er også veldig glad i høsten. Tror nok jeg kan si at det er min favorittårstid. Det er noe med fargene og den klare, skarpe lufta. Jeg tenker også sånn at høsten er en begynnelse. Skolestart, vi kommer igang igjen på arbeid etter ferien. Nye muligheter.
    (Ole Brumm-teppet ser herlig ut! Gleder meg til å se det ferdig!)

  4. my favourite part of autumn is the colours in plants as they turn and lose there leaves for winter.........our day temps are really enjoyable for me Easter is always in autumn and I always have people and it is a beautiful time of the year to have friends come and stay for several days.......... oh and if you want to long holidays fater christmas........I get 7 weeks where we live......just before christmas til early Feb.....a great school break.........

  5. What beautiful photographs and wonderful words to express the meaning of autumn. On a completely different note, I just have to ask as I've seen it on a number of blogs, what is a Tilda?

  6. Just love your ode to autumn here...very beautifully written and with lovely images have you sung autumn's song! The Pooh and pals blanket is wonderful--thanks for the sneak peek! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  7. Such beautiful photos and lovely words about Autumn!! The quilt is looking fantastic, its going to be well loved!!

  8. Det var en nydelig beskrivelse av høsten på sitt beste. For visst er høsten en herlig tid, litt vemod med tanke på sommeren som er gått, men masse glede og ny begynnelse på en god del andre ting. Her på landet, hvor jeg bor, er høsten en herlig tid med innhøsting fra hagen, sauene som skal inn i fjøset igjen (jeg er så glad i "fjøstiden") og tid for innekos og kreativitet. Sommeren er så hektisk med alt som skal gjøres ute, mens høsten er tiden for det man ellers har "lyst til". Lappeteppet ditt ser herlig ut, ikke så mye igjen nå. Kos deg med det og med disse herlige høstdagene.


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