søndag 23. september 2007

Winnie the Pooh.......

Finally - I have completed the Hundred Acre Woods quilt for my three year old. As you all suspected - she loves it and is thrilled with it. She uses it whenever she sits on the couch watching Disney - If it was up to her, that would be all the time....

She is overly facinated by all and everything that has to do with The Hundred Acre Woods and the tales of Winnie the Pooh...

She discovered him at the age of 10 months..... We were tidying her sister's room and she sat in her chair watching - then suddely she started a commotion like nothing we've ever heard. Nothing we tried would do - then we realised she was staring at the Pooh sitting on top of her sister's bookshelves..... Needless to say she was exstatic when she got it. She can not be without him....

This Sunday has been a foggy and windy day. We had some friends with their children on a visit :o) For a greater part of the afternoon, the dads took their girls, all three, to the nearby playground - where they had a blast....
When they got back I had made these.....

A chore for me this evening is to go through as many of these magazines as I can. I seem to accumulate these in bundles. Anyone else who has great piles of magazines taking over the bedroom and the livingroom???

Luckily I can work through them while wathcing a sunday movie ;-D Some of them I hold on to for a year - the rest of them - I take out the articles that interest me and put them in bound portfolios.

I have always enjoyed organising, so there are several of these books in my shelves. They take considerably less space than the loads of magazines - and really - there are usually only a few articles or photos that catch my attention......

This picture is from my walk yesterday. The light was perfect and for a few moments the wind didn't blow.....

Whish you all a wonderful week :o)

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  1. Compliments, the Hundred Acre Woods quilt is very beautiful!!!Your child will be proud of her mom :)))Your blog is very nice,ciao from Italy :)))

  2. a beautiful blanket! love how the appliqués came out ^-^

    and yes... LOTS of magazines around here, too!

  3. This is the sweetest child's quilt ever!! Just beautiful, love those bright appliques against all the soft pastel colored sqaures. That is a big, juciy lot of magazines--LOL! Very pretty autumn photo to close--just lovely! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  4. Oiii vi ses på sørenden på østensjøvennet på lørdag da..! Med kule anotrakker!

  5. Så fint teppet ble!!! Virkelig litt av en jobb med de applikasjonene. Flott ble det!

  6. Oi, anorakker mente jeg, ...sorry, og teppet er veldig fin, kjempefint faktisk...

  7. Nydeligt det teppet ble. Fargene er jo så delikate.
    Jeg har foresten tagget deg. Se i bloggen min.

  8. Oh! Your Pooh quilt is adorable! Make one for me too? *lol* (it will go perfectly with the Pooh rug by my bed - to keep my feet from the cold floor in the morning :o))

  9. what a gorgeous quilt! and isn't it wonderful when the kids love the things you do for them?

  10. Åååh, det teppet til din lille datter ble bare helt nydelig! Herlige farger, mønstere og det hele. Jeg skjønner godt at hun er glad i teppet.


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