fredag 12. oktober 2007

Endings..... and beginnings!

I took this picture last Sunday......
It was a beautiful fall day, clear blue sky, fresh, cool air and amazing colours. It was poetic watching this old coupple, out for a Sundaystroll. They themselves being in the fall of life, at the same time fall is the present season of the year.... intervining circules ..... and the light almost made it divine.....

This is the back of one of the two Roman Blinds.....
My curtains sewing days are over - for now ;-D.
On Thursday I finished my order..... I think the result turned out quite well.

This is one of the four curtain lenghts....
In total, and looking at it now, I'm satisfied with my work.
I only hope that the reciver will be pleased as well.....

On the creative side, I've been spending the day with Lynne and Kathrines Quilte Stue.
There is much inspiration to look forward to, and we also put out a new post today.
I hope to begin on one of Lynne's quilts or pillows, as well as the disappearing ninepatch.....

Have a wonderful Weekend!!!! :o)

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  1. Hei! Takk for en hyggelig dag i går! Det må vi få til igjen :o)

    Bildet av de gamle er nydelig - og sammen med bladene danner de virkelig et bilde av høst.

    Håper du har det artig på Voksen og siste kursdag! Gleder meg til å se bilder av hva folk har laget :o)


Blir så glad om du skriver noen hyggelige ord ♥