fredag 2. november 2007

The feeling of quiet.....

Have you ever had quiet times??? Not necessarily in a good way??
I've been like that for almost a fortnight and it's driving me insane!!! Calm is good, but this quietness is a feeling of emptyness - there is nothing there.....

I have tried three or four times to sit down and write a post, and it's nothing there, my head is still, my thoughts are quiet. My mind and I feel disconnected.....
The worst part is that my creativity is...... boooff.... nowhere to be found!!!

This is a bit what it feels like, and it's not even one of my pictures.... This is bad....very bad..... HELP!!!

I got this earlier this week, by express mail, delivered on my door!! There's a moodlifter!!

It contained Amy Butler's latest book, along with some goodies....
I had almost forgotten that I'd ordered it. ( I even think I posted about it....)

I even got it signed - YES! and by now I have read it :o)
She writes about inspiration and creativity in a very quiet way. I found it soothing, but I will have to go back a few times to really grasp what she is saying!!

Meanwhile I am quietly here, reading your blogs, looking for inspiration and hoping for creativity to come floating in....

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ok, now I'm getting worried here! No inspiration at all? We need to get together for a sewing session! SOOON!!!

  2. Hi........I am sure it will return........I prescribe a visit to the shop and then some sewing with Anne Ida.........can you email me your snail mail address......

  3. Oh Yvonne, u need a visit to the shops with Anne Ida, some coffee and some of that yummy Norwegian chocolate........sit back, soak in the peace, the beauty of Autumn and the great company!!!!
    Hope ur inspiration comes soon!!!
    Love ur mail, it looks like fun!!
    Hugs xxx

  4. Your package looks very inspiring...And I'm sure that inspiration with be hitting you in no time. :o) It's a strange thing how creativity can seem to ebb and flow, come and go...But it always comes back. Think of this quiet time as space your body and mind are nurturing, making you ready for what's next. And with Christmas and busy times ahead and the year draws to an end, enjoy the slow mood! Happy Days ((HUGS))


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