tirsdag 25. desember 2007

Happy Christmas Day!!

Dear Carol!!!
Thank you so much for my SSCS gift.

I loved the note book with the Eiffel tower - it will be very useful!!! (I got several questions from Chookyblue that I had to answer, one of them was where in the world would I like to go if I could choose freely? It was Paris....)

I must admit that I have never tasted Pretzels before.... This will be one of many firsts...... :o)

The Snowman wall hanging was absolutely wonderful.
Good to see I'm not the only one burning midnight oil to finish ;-D
I did see a slight resemblance between the wall hanging and the Frosty on my card.... cool!

This is a picture of our dinnertable from last night..... even lit the fireplace....

Santa rang the doorbell and left a sack of presents on the door step....
imagine that!!

He had to hurry on his way to reach everyone until Christmas morning...

Last, but not least, a thank you to Tracy from Pink Purl for these cute candle holders. Thank you for lighting up the dark :o)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you had a cute Christmas celebration.
    Cute snowman quilt.

  2. Happy Holidays! Hope you & yours are having more wonderful days! Your table looks so festive, and your sweet girls so happy with her gift! The snowman quilt is wonderful. So glad the tea lights are brightening your days, my friend! Blessings to you in the New Year ((HUGS))

  3. Fortsatt god jul i huset (det som er igjen av den). Og alt ser jo ut til å ha vært bare koselig, med et vakkert dekket bord, glade barn med gaver, og nydelige gaver til mor også. Og snart er det nyttårsaften. Så med dette vil jeg ønske deg et godt og kreativt nytt år 2008.

  4. I LOVE the little ponchos and the christmas mail bag. Looks like you are having a wonderful christmas. That snow picture is unbelieveable! We were so hot here in Australia yesterday we didn't venture outside, but just sat inside with the air conditioner on. I have been enjoying looking at all the SS presents. I will have to join next year.


Blir så glad om du skriver noen hyggelige ord ♥