lørdag 8. desember 2007

The long wait......

It has arrived!!!!
I visited Pam's blog today just to discover a really picturesque photo of this Chiristmas tree. Underneath it is my Secret Santa Chrsitmas Gift for Pam!! I hope you forgive me for borrowing your picture, Pam, but it was too wonderful not to!!

This is my Advent Table runner. I've had it for years and I always take it out in time for 1st Sunday of advent, where it lays under a four candle chandelier.

Advent is the time in which we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. Waiting is not something I'm good at - So in the spirit of the Chstmas carol "12 days of Christmas", I celebrate a little each day.

I listen to A LOT of Christmas carols/music. I do my best to make the Christmas shopping enjoyable and stress free.... The baking is something I do because it's something we can do togheter as a family - not beacause it's required to make seven different types of Christmas cookies and I don't clinically clean the whole house either!!

So when Christmas Eve is here, which is the day we celebrate with gifts here in Norway, I'm hopefully not too stressed out. I am a process kind of person. The goal is not necessarily my main focus - but the road on which I travel....

The Advent table runner is from this book "Stoppefoten" by Anne Beier Finnestad. It contains many fun projects of interior design character with applique, freehand embroidery and machine quilting.

This is a Chsitmas Post bag that I've made for a friend. She wanted it to be not too Christmasy, but not un-Christmasy either. I planned to sew some appliqué on it, but I was out of Vlisofix..... I've given it to her to decide what she wants done next. I've combined two Tilda patterns to make it :o)

Wish you all a wonderful week and hope that you feel Christmasy.....

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  1. How great you know the giftie has reached Pam!

    I love that advent table runner! The detaiis are so cute - I'm sure it looks great with the candles!

    The Xmas post bag looks good, wonder what your friend decides on for finishing touches...

  2. Beautiful tree...and such fun to see you gift under it! ;o) Love you advent table runner--it is beautiful. Is this your own design? That post bag is fun, I like the fabrics you've chosen. I thought I detected the Tilda inspiration in it! ;o) Happy Days as you make ready for Christmas! ((HUGS))

  3. That bag is great, I love it! I wish I could get one of those tildas books here in Canada! Lovely!

  4. So koselig for deg å de julegaven din under juletreet til mottakeren. Og så nydelig ting du også har sydd. Jeg synes også førjulstiden er koselig, selve prosessen fram mot jul, uten å stresse for mye med at alt må være rundvasket, pakket og klart. Men nå er julen stort sett i "boks" her hos meg, så resten av tiden blir det bare å kose og å nyte det hele.

  5. Hei!
    Stikker innom for å ønske deg GOD JUL og GODT NYTTÅR! Kos deg masse!
    Julehilsen fra Rannveig.

  6. Heisann.
    Vil bare ønske deg og dine en riktig god jul og et flott og krestivt nyttår!!
    Kos dere!! :D


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