søndag 23. desember 2007

Merry Christmas to you

Whiter shades of grey....
It's truly a winter wonderland out there for the time beeing. Nature looks so peaceful - unchanging, like it can stay this way for all eternity..... It's quite striking and breathtaking - to me anyway!

I am so looking forward till tomorrow, when I get to open these gifts from Carol E.
I'm very excited :o)

This is from the latest Tilda book: "Reindeer on stick". I've made it for a-soon-to-be two year old... Hope he will enjoy it when he is big enough :o)
I think this reindeer turned out quite handsome ;-D

For two little girls I've made these ponchos, they are also from the latest Tilda book :o)

I think the birds turned out quite nice, I tried to make them look a little diffrent, so they can tell the ponchos apart....

An angel dropped by when we decorated our Christmas tree....

Santa is in the house, he sings all the carols while he dances, if we let him....
(he has a little button on his back.....) DD1 has never liked him, too noisy, DD2 loves noise, she thinks he is great fun....

To all my friends in blogland, best wishes for the holiday....
I'm truly greatful for knowing you.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love your reindeer on the stick, too cute, and those poncho's are just wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. The ponchos turned out wonderfully! I'm sure the girls will love them! Kyrre is such a cool raindeer *lol*

    Gledelig jul til deg og dine! Vi snakkes! Stor klem...

  3. God Jul! And a happy new year (is it "god nytt ar"??)

    Your presents and decorations are so lovely, it's so much fun coming here to spy... ^-^

  4. Ønsker deg og dine en riktig god jul og et godt nytt år!
    Vi sees i det nye året :-)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours !

  5. De ponchoene var aldeles nydelige. Jeg har sydd hatt og skjerf i rosa. Det hadde vært stilig med poncho til....


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