søndag 13. januar 2008

January Challenge Update

This has gone a little slower than I anticipated.... Migraine is clearly to blame!!!
Well, I've sewn together all the blocks of my "Disappering Ninepatch" Quilt, and are now ready for the border. I'm very pleased with the fabric I got, it was the last of it - just enough for me....

Even though I'm not finished with this one, I will show you the next projects I plan to finish.

Remember this??
I split up this UFO,well - there were actually two of them, and turned them from Christmas Calendars into Advent Calendars.

They turned out like this, but I didn't manage to finish it before Christmas. They did work though.... Every Advent Sunday before Christmas a gift appeard in the girls' Calendars - imagine that.... They now need quilting and binding!!

I had to cut off the patchwork part, and it turned into a tablerunner. Yet another WIPS, but I want it ready for next Christmas, so I thought I'd finish it now :o)
It needs cutting, quilting and binding!!

This is a tablerunner I made two years ago, suppose it has merged into an UFO...
I made a Turning Twenty Quilt, which still isn't finished, and made the tablerunner from the leftovers.... It needs quilting and binding!!

Seems like I will be spending a lot of time sewing this week.....
Happy sewing to you all!!! :o)

7 kommentarer:

  1. I love all the projects, the fabrics are so pretty. I sympathize with the migraine problem, I get them too.

  2. Ok, you have the week planed for you :o) Lovely projects! And the disapearing nine patch quilt looks even better in real life! Priority finish! Take care and have fun! Hugs...

  3. This is all beautiful WISPs that needs to be finished.

  4. Happy New year Yvonne !! And Happy birthday to your darling !!!
    All your WISP are beautiful !!!

  5. LOVE the Disappearing Nine Patch!! Those fabrics are fabulous, just the ofer all pairing is so harmonious and pleasing. Your other WIPS are also terrific...WOW--you've been busy. Hope your migraine's gone now, and you're feeling better. I get those from time to time too, they are hard to deal with. Hope you have a great week! ((HUGS))

  6. Migraines r nasty, hope your feeling better!! They r beautiful projects, good luck with the finishes. I love the Diasppearing Nine Patch, its gorgeous!!

  7. I've just discovered your blog and I love it ! Your quilting work is so beautiful, especially your Nine Patch quilt ! The colours are simply gorgeous ! great choice !
    Definitely have to put your link in my favourites ! Thank you for sharing !
    Greetings from France !


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