onsdag 2. januar 2008

Taking on a challenge

I'm kind of leaping into the New Year, pretending to be courageous ;-D

I never make new year resolutions on bare principle!
That's just someting I don't do!
I just do my best, hopefully a bit better each time. The process, not the goal is my path - one step at the time. Apparently I'm ready to go outside my comfortzone, just peaking around the corner...

I'm taking on May Britt's WISP (work in slow progression) challenge to finish as many WISP before January 31st. My first WISP project is the last one I started on in 2007 - The disappering Ninepatch.

I will list my finshed WISP's in the right colum, and post about them as we progress in January. This is very encouraging - so many of us working to finish old projects in order to begin new ones in February!! The satisfaction of decluttering :o)

Here's to us all, for tying up loose ends and exploring our possibilities!

10 kommentarer:

  1. Great project that needs to be finished. I love those japaneese fabrics.

  2. Hi! Ohhhh, yes! You need to finish this one - it is going to be soo pretty! I wasn't going to take May Britt up on her challenge, but... :o)

    Hope we see each other soon! I have house guests till Sunday evening, but perhaps sometime next week?

    New years hugs...

  3. I always love your fabric choices, they r so soft and delicate. Cant wait to see this one finished, its looks great!!!

  4. Love that japanese fabrics. The quilt will look so gorgeous when finished.

  5. Those fabric are amazing. So beautiful!!! can't wait to see the finished quilt


  6. I really love that Diappearing Nine Patch block! This inspires me to try this technique in my next quilting project. Thank you for the link at the great tutorial on how to do the blocks. And I just LOVE the fabrics you've chosen for this project! Happy Days taking up new crafting and other adventures this year! ((HUGS))

  7. Dette kommer til å bli flott! Gleder meg til å se det ferdig! Husker du la ut link til denne blokken tidligere. Kunne godt tenke meg å prøve den jeg også. Har bare så mye annet som må bli ferdig først...

  8. Gleder meg til å se det ferdige resultatet. Kommer til å bli veldig fint. Flotte farger.

  9. Hi! I've given you a "You make my day" award :o) Have a look at my blog. I'll see you tonight :o)


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