mandag 4. februar 2008

WISPs, tulips and evidence of winter

On Friday I went through my WISPs, turned out that I have 11 :o) Some of them are fairly easy to finish and others will definetly take some time!! I found the January Challenge to be very motivating, as I've said before, so I will keep it up in a slower but hopefully stern progress!

I will hang this list on the inside of the door to my closet where I keep my work, and then its contents will remind me that I have work that needs to be finished as well - when I take on new projects.

I received these beautiful tulips from a friend on Saturday. It's very clear to me that I'm in need of more light and colours. The days are getting longer - a bit at least, but the weather has turned on us. A few sunny days would be nice :o) I have even noticed that the sun is warmer now - at least it was on Saturday for a couple of hours.....

I wish you all a great week, and give you evidence of winter as it passed by this Weekend. Take care!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Du er flink du, skulle hatt en slik liste jeg også, og fulgt den....

    Heldigvis var snøen bare på en kort visitt her hos oss, nå er det bart igjen, og jeg vil gjerne ha litt sol også....Skal prøve å få overtalt min nevø til å komme å hjelpe meg litt ute i helgen, rydde litt og sage opp litt ved, så kan våren bare komme!

  2. Your WIPS list is a great idea! I feel inclined to keep a list of all I'd like to do and try this year. A list would make is seem more real, more of focus on. Gorgeous tulips--love the pairing of deep pinky-red with the creamy white. The snow we had last weekend is gone aleady--all washed away by the week's rain! Oh, thank you so much for your note. I will write you later in the's been so buy with orders. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  3. I like your idea of keeping your list of WISPs handy. I want to try and finish some more too.


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