tirsdag 3. juli 2012

Just thought I would stop by...

How are you all - out there in blogland??

Life happens when you are busy making other plans, John Lennon claimed....

For the past months I have been busy living (and working - a lot) -  here - now - this moment... That takes time :0))  But at this quiet moment I thought I would stop by and say Hello, just in case someone was around...

I do read and visit blogs, my need for inspiration has to be fed ;0))) I have finished quilting another baby quilt, But more about that in the next post! Promise it won't take as long as this have! See you soon ;0))

Oh, and I'll leave you with some pictures, after all it is supposed to be summer :0)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Lenge sida sist! Koselig å se liv her hos deg igjen. :) God sommer!

  2. Så herlig å se at du er "på" igjen. Har savnet å lese noe nytt hos deg.
    Håper alt står bra til, og at du kanskje har lyst til å komme til meg en dag -og få litt inspirasjon??
    Stor klem til beste deg fra meg

  3. Summer is very hot here....too hot...35 Celsius...
    So I wish I could live in a place like you, where the weather is so much better :o)))
    Good to see you again!


Blir så glad om du skriver noen hyggelige ord ♥